Hi Hedley,

The archives that will be ready in a week or two are not the Mailman
archives, but a custom solution being put together by one of my
technical people. These archives will be searchable. I will let you
know when they are ready.

Warm regards,
Lisa B.

On 11/21/05, hedley.finger at myob.com <hedley.finger at myob.com> wrote:
> Lisa:
> "How will this affect you?"  Good question; it will probably drive me
> nuts.  All the mailman lists I have seen look more or less like <
> http://mail.wikipedia.org/pipermail/wikitech-l/>.
> Yes, folks, the archives are grouped by month.  No way to see a continuous
> scrolling list of articles by date or thread or subject, ACROSS month
> boundaries.  No way to search the archives.
> Sure hope the frameusers list is going to be a lot more usable than the
> example I've given, typical of all the mailman lists I have seen.  It
> would be fascinating to hear what Jakob Nielsen or Alan Cooper would have
> to say about the usability of mailman.  Oh well, guess we can all go to
> Yahoo! Groups which has had a lot of thought put into its interface.
> Regards,
> Hedley
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