I am pleased to announce that the Framers mailing list has been moved
to a new open source list management software called Mailman

How does this affect you? Well, unless you had your subscription set
to nomail, you'll probably never notice a difference in day-to-day

* Your list options were converted to the new system, so you don't
need to do anything.

* You'll still send email messages to the same address (framers at 

NOTE: If you are a NOMAIL subscriber, your account did not make it
through the conversion process. Please either send an email to
resubscribe (framers-join at lists.frameusers.com--you can leave the
subject and body of the message blank) or let me know so I can
resubscribe you to the list.

A few other improvements are being made at this time, as well.

* Archives from now forward will be available at

* The old archives are being converted to a new format, and they, plus
all new messages, will have a functional search. That process will be
complete in 1-2 weeks, and I'll pass on additional information at that

* An RSS feed will be available in about a week.

If in the future, you want to change your email address, switch from
regular mail to digest, stop your mail when you go on vacation, or
change any of your other options, you can do so here:
http://lists.frameusers.com/mailman/listinfo/framers .

Please let me know if you have any questions or comments about the
Mailman system. I'll do my best to answer them as quickly as possible!

Have a great week!

Lisa B.
TECHWR-L Administrator

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