Blast Radius XMetaL? and InTech (Integrated Technologies) will present 
an interactive webinar, Frame and XMetaL: Combining the best of both 
worlds. The free, one-hour web event will take place December 1, 2005 
at 1:00pm Eastern (10:00am Pacific) and is designed to illustrate how 
simple it is to combine Adobe FrameMaker? for page layout and print 
publishing and XMetaL for native XML authoring.

Attendees will learn how to:
~ Convert existing print-optimized content from unstructured FrameMaker 
and into structured DITA XML
~ Enhance existing content and prepare new deliverables with XMetaL 
Author DITA Edition

Register today!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Scott Abel, Content Management Strategist
3421 Crystal Lakes Ct., Sarasota FL 34235
abelsp at      941-359-3416

Events of Interest
CM Pros Summit: Enabling Content Personalization through Content 
Management, November 28 - Boston, MA

DITA 2006, March 23-25, 2006 - Raleigh, NC

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