1) Incorrect. Commenting is not enabled by default.

2) I don't think it has anything to do with PostScript code, 
per se, because I don't think there is anything in PostScript
that supports the commenting functionality. I would guess
that it embeds some chunk of Acrobat code that Adobe
Reader 7 knows how to use to provide commenting.

3) It adds whatever chunk of magic is required by Adobe 
Reader 7 to support commenting.

4) Same as #3. Commenting is not enabled by default so
it has to be added by the command you mention.

5) See #1. It's not turned on in the first place so there's no
need for a mechanism to turn it off. But if you have a PDF 
that has commenting enabled, a simple Save As removes 
the commenting magic--or at least that's what I assume 
happens because of the warning I see whenever I try to
save a commenting-enabled PDF that someone sends me.

6) If you use a watched folder, you can set both the 
joboptions and the security for that folder. Setting up 
several watched folders supports different combinations
of joboptions and security settings for different purposes.

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Sorry for the OT question, but I thought some of you
might have some excellent answers for me on these
Acrobat-related questions. 

My boss raised a good question. I have a question
about how commenting works.

1) I assumed that for PDFs created with Acrobat 7 Pro,
commenting is enabled for Adobe Reader by default. Is
that true?

2) I am assuming Acrobat 7 Pro does something in the
PostScript code that enables commenting. Am I close?
I'd appreciate more technical info., if anyone knows.

3) When I open a PDF created by Acrobat 6 Pro, Adobe
Reader won't add comments. But, I can open that same
PDF in Acrobat 7 Pro and use Comments > Enable for
Commenting in Adobe Reader .... This seems to
reprocess the PDF ... is it adding PostScript code or
something? (I don't see it reprinting.)

4) But, when I open a PDF created by Acrobat 7 Pro, I
can still use Comments > Enable for Commenting in
Adobe Reader ... and that seems to reprocess the PDF.

5) If I create a PDF using Acrobat 7 Pro, can I turn
off commenting in any way other than Saving as an
earlier version of PDF or security?

6) Am using this with FM 7.1. I can't find a way to
semi-automatically apply security through the FM
interface, nor through Joboptions, only through
printer preferences. Is that the only way?

Thanks and cheers,


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