At Mercury we write our source product documentation in FrameMaker and we
produce approximately 35,000 pages of documentation each year. Most of our
documentation is translated into Japanese, Korean, and Chinese and we're now
also starting to translate into some European languages. Mercury wants to
reach the point where it can ship localized versions of its products at the
same time as the English Versions. 

Our Localization Manager says that his team cannot efficiently track changes
to our FrameMaker files. This results in delays and makes it difficult to
keep translation costs at a reasonable level.

I would like to hear how other companies manage the process of localizing
documentation (workflow, communication, and tools).  

Thanks in advance for any information you can provide.


Sivia Atar, Documentation Infrastructure Leader,  <mailto:satar at mercury.com>
satar at mercury.com
direct 972.3.539.9288 fax 972.3.553.1617
19 Shabazi Street, Yehud, Israel 56100

Business Technology Optimization
 <http://www.mercury.com> www.mercury.com


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