I take it you haven't hidden a condition applied to the highest-level 
element and there is still content visible in the document window? And, 
just to cover the basics, you do have an insertion point or selection? The 
Structure View is, after all, blank when there is no current position in 
the document.
   What happens if you change hide/show settings? Show all?
   What happens if you save the document as MIF and reopen it.
   In older versions of FM+SGML, I saw problems with conditional structured 
documents in which the conditions applied at the start of an element did 
not match those applied at the end. This problem is easily seen by viewing 
element boundaries and using condition indicators; the character format of 
the brackets at the start and end of an element don't match. The fix is to 
make the element unconditional and then reapply conditions.
   Such mismatches led to a variety of crashes with operations such as 
saving the document or changing show/hide settings.  I got in the habit of 
editing with all conditions showing and do not believe I created this type 
of corrupt document after that.

At 02:57 PM 11/23/2005, syntactics at wrote:
>[FM 7.0p576; Win XP]
>I've had a problem twice now which I only resolved completely the first t
>ime by
>re-writing an entire file. Extreme stuff but it's now occurred again 12 m
>later and I'm just wondering what causes it and whether others have exper
>I imported a template into my file (which is in a book). When I select the
>to 'Show/Hide' the structure disappears to a blank white pane. I tried
>the template into one or two of the other files but they reacted as they sh
>have done i.e structure remained in view.
>I didn't (knowingly) change any parameters in the first file import proce
>Any clues?
>John Bevan
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