As a matter of fact, I also **just** encountered this on my current project
using FM 7.0! I had done a "Save as PDF" on a small/mid-sized book (just
generating a draft for review), naming the PDF (in the Save As dialog) with
a different name than the book file. In addition to screwing up the
cross-references, it also completely dropped the first 4 chapters of my book
from the PDF - really bizarre.

Sure enough, the problem disappeared when I wrote the book to a .ps file
using the Adobe PDF driver and then distilled the .ps file to PDF. I could
then rename the PDF as desired. (Eventually, I just renamed the book which
was the plan anyway.)

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You wrote:

>With some of the PDFs that I create, if I rename them, the 
>cross-references stop working, giving this error:
>     The specified file <old file name> does not exist.
>Does anyone have any idea why this is happening? Is there a workaround?
>(Other than "don't rename the file"...)

As I mentioned earlier, some of the older FrameMaker 5.x versions specify
internal links with a file name target, in which case renaming the PDF
causes bad links (even when the PDF is stand-alone, with no links pointing
to it from other PDFs).

Upon further examination, I was able to reproduce the creation of PDF links
which use a filename even though the link is internal in FrameMaker 7.0,
7.1 and 7.2, but only when "Save as PDF" was used.  In the same tests, the
problem was not encountered even once when printing books to a .ps file and
then distilling to PDF.

Given this FrameMaker bug, we may have yet another reason to stick to the
original PDF file names, yet another reason to print to .ps rather than Save
as PDF, and yet another reason to test PDF links carefully...

Shlomo Perets

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