A sample PDF demonstrating this problem (even without being renamed) is the 
guest of the month at www.microtype.com/hmmm.html

>Martin Polley wrote:
>>With some of the PDFs that I create, if I rename them, the
>>cross-references stop working, giving this error:
>>     The specified file <old file name> does not exist.
>>Does anyone have any idea why this is happening? Is there a workaround?
>>(Other than "don't rename the file"...)
>As I mentioned earlier, some of the older FrameMaker 5.x versions specify 
>internal links with a file name target, in which case renaming the PDF 
>causes bad links (even when the PDF is stand-alone, with no links pointing 
>to it from other PDFs).
>Upon further examination, I was able to reproduce the creation of PDF 
>links which use a filename even though the link is internal in FrameMaker 
>7.0, 7.1 and 7.2, but only when "Save as PDF" was used.  In the same 
>tests, the problem was not encountered even once when printing books to a 
>.ps file and then distilling to PDF.
>Given this FrameMaker bug, we may have yet another reason to stick to the 
>original PDF file names, yet another reason to print to .ps rather than 
>Save as PDF, and yet another reason to test PDF links carefully...
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