I'm getting the hang of Lynne Price's very useful structured
Read/Write template, but I have (currently!) one problem.  Please
consider this:

My Frame input looks basically like this:

    +-- ChapterTitle

On export to XML, I would like to get this:

+-- tchap

Ie. remove the PartTitle, and the Part elements, and translate the
Chapter and ChapterTitle elements.  I got my Read/Write file so far as
to drop the PartTitle and to unwrap the Part element (dropping a root
element doesn't work).  However, the generated DOCTYPE declaration at
the beginning of the exported file still uses the "part" element as

<!DOCTYPE part SYSTEM "D:\projects\framemigration\dtd\completerules.dtd" ...

whereas I need it to be

<!DOCTYPE chap SYSTEM "D:\projects\framemigration\dtd\completerules.dtd" ....

I've looked into the "writer" and "external dtd is" etc. rules, but
none allows to specify the doctype.  I tried to suppress the DOCTYPE
declaration completely using "writer do not include dtd ", but this
didn't work either.

What am I doing wrong?  Please don't tell me to use an API client! :-)


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