I have a case where I have a question about numbering pages in a book.

I have to create a book which is to be generated monthly.  The book will
contain 3 FrameMaker files.  The first FrameMaker file rarely changes and
its length should be between 3 and 5 pages.  It's an introduction section.

The second file is a generated Table of Contents that is to be linked to the
3rd file, this file can be anywhere between 3 and 7 pages monthly.

The third file is generated every month from a list that is maintained in
another department.  The list is converted to an XML document which is
imported into FrameMaker.

I need the document to have numbering starting at the beginning of the first
file running continuously through each file, these numbers are not printed
on the pages, but to make sure the third section starts on the correct page
they have to be there.  Here's where I'm not sure how to proceed.  The Table
of Contents file (the second in the book) needs to have its own numbering
printed in the final copy, starting at 1.

i.e.: Table of Contents Page 1, Table of Contents Page 2.

In this case the <$curpagenum> variable contains the page number of the book
(which starts at 6 after the introduction section).  Is there a FrameMaker
variable that can be read from the file?  Something like <$filepagenum>?  If
that's not the case is there a variable I can use (similar to section
numbers <n+>) that simply increments so that I can put those numbers on the
Table of Contents pages?

Thanks in advance,
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