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>I have a book with several documents in it: how can I say to the different 
>documents that for instance one of my paragraph style has changed and make it 
>synchronized in all the documents at once? Is master pages techniques involved 
>with that issue?
>What I do is importing format in each document by hand from the document that 
>contains the updated paragraphs...

That is the way you do it, except that it's quicker to do all chapters at a 
time by selecting them in the book window and importing from there. FrameMaker 
does not have the automatic template synchronization of, say, 

If you want to update *just one* paragraph format across a book, save a dummy 
copy of a chapter containing the new paragraph definition, delete all other 
paragraph definitions, then import (the sole) paragraph definition from the 
dummy copy across the book.

Silicon Prairie's Paragraph Tools plug-in adds commands that make paragraph tag 
management a lot more powerful: there's a matching Character Tools plug-in for 
character tags. <> (No 
commercial interest, just a satisfied customer.)

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