Hi Bill,

In FrameMaker, we select File > Import > File and select the Word document,
choosing to copy it rather than referencing the link.  The Word document
contains only a table, with the slide images one per cell.  The table lands
in the Frame document pretty cleanly, again with the graphics inside the
table, one per cell.

To PDF, in FrameMaker we print to a .ps File, using a postscript printer set
up for the purpose (prinergy refiner).  We distill the .ps file to get the

Hope this clarifies. Again, we've used this process a zillion times.


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> 5.  When we PDF the Frame file, one appears as white text on a black
> background (wrong effect) and the other appears as a solid white
> (way wrong effect).

How are you creating the PDF and how exactly is the Word document
inserted into the FM file?

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