Is your default printer the same one that you use when creating the PDF
(which *should* be the "Adobe PDF" printer)?  The kind of behavior you
describe sounds like the kind of thing that happens when you change
printer driver on a Windows system, since the font metrics (the precise
size of each glyph in your document) are provided by the printer driver.
This is the cause of those annoying "font information has changed"
warning messages. And the reason why FrameMaker warns you about
the font informaiton change is that small changes in font metrics can
accumulate just enough to change a line break or two, and those
line breaks changes can accumulate into page break changes, and
that can change the overall page count. The differences are most
pronounced when switching between PostScript and non-PostScript
printers or switching from a particularly low-res printer.

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Fred Ridder
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>From: "John Pitt" <john at>
>Reply-To: john at
>To: framers at
>Subject: Fonts not embedding in PDF 1.6
>Date: Wed, 30 Nov 2005 10:13:24 +1000
>FM 7.2, Distiller 7
>I've tried a variety of font embedding options and used both Save-As and 
>two-step printing method, but ... the pagination in the PDF is different 
>the original Frame files.
>One chapter has 52 pages in both Frame and PDF, but while the last text in
>Frame is on p51, the last text in the PDF is on p 50 (with 2 blanks 
>Reader 7 (my client hasn't bought Acro 7 yet) lists all of the fonts I've 
>in Frame under Document Properties > Fonts with each followed by "(Embedded
>Subset), TrueType, Ansi encoding".
>What have I missed?
>John Pitt, technical writer

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