> The number of characters per line is different -- the PDF seems to have 
> about 10% more characters per line. (Note that this is definitely *not* 
> caused by margins or the entire page being printed 10% smaller -- 
> my first thought).

This sounds like a font substitution issue, but since you've determined that 
fonts did embed in the PDF, is it possible that you're using a different 
printer to view the FM file than to create the PDF? FM displays a document 
using the metrics of the default printer. If your default printer is not 
Adobe PDF, what you see on screen is probably not what you'll get in your 
PDF. Best practice has Adobe PDF set as the default printer when composing 
and viewing an FM file. Then, rather than printing a native FM file, print 
to PDF and print the PDF from Acrobat.

SetPrint is a great, free utility that lets you set Adobe PDF as the 
automatic default printer for FM, without changing the default printer 
elsewhere in Windows. I highly recommend it. You'll never have to remember 
to reset the default printer in FM again, and your PDFs should always look 
like what you see on screen in FM. You can get SetPrint here: 

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