At 09:50 AM 3/31/2006, Terry Badger wrote:
>Is there a way to push the auto numbers ing
>information generated in FM into the xml file?
>I don't see any variables to grab and put into an xml

   Not without using an automation tool (such as the FDK, FrameScript, or 
XSLT). Autonumbers are an artifact of formatting and as such are not 
represented in XML.
   Are you only exporting XML or do you want to import it as well? If so, 
if you write the autonumbers to XML, you'll need to decide what to do with 
that information when you read the document back into FM. Discard it? 
Display it instead of autonumbers? If the latter, what happens when you 
open the XML document back in FrameMaker? Do you drop it or use it instead 
of autonumbers? Is it acceptable for the result of round-tripping to be 
different than the original FrameMaker document? And, if you display the 
original autonumbers, what happens if you edit the document in a way that 
would change the autonumbers?

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