> The fun (and funny) thing about all this is that every generation says the
> same thing about how easy their kids have it.  And it'll probably be true
> 100 years from now.

And therein lies the conundrum that makes the ever-diminishing degree of
difficulty unsupportable. Technological advances are the result of
eliminating the most difficult problems, freeing people up to move ahead
and encounter new problem spaces. The previous generation's problems get
solved, so comparison with the next generation is misleading and not
really valid. The new problems are just different, but not likely to
actually be that much easier. Given issues like the complexity of
operating systems and the rate of change of the industry overall, coders
these days have plenty to keep them awake at night too.

I may not have been at it as long as some, but I did start coding for a
living over 15 years ago and I've been in the industry since...

Marcus Carr

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