I'm seeing this exact error in Frame 7.1 and, believe it or not, Acrobat
7.x - both with the latest  downloads. Same or almost identical error
message in both products.

I am losing my mind on this. It's seemingly random in that the same
activities make it happen but those activities don't always make it happen.

Any idea anyone has would be super. I lose work every day with this one. All
the members in my group are seeing this.


Sharon Burton
CEO, Anthrobytes Consulting
Immediate Past President of IESTC

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Subject: FrameMaker 7.2 keeps crashing on undo

I've just upgraded from 7.0 to 7.2 and every time I do an undo Frame
(unstructured) crashes. So much for fixing the find/replace crash in 7.0,
this one is worse and is driving me mad. I'm using 7.2b144 and I've now
stopped using undo (so single undo in 7.0 was better) but I still forget
occasionally and then FrameMaker fails with an Internal error 7204 and an
Application error: "The instruction at ....... referenced memory at
xxxxxxxxx. The memory could not be "read". Click on OK to terminate the

Is this happening to anyone else, does Adobe know about it?


Karen West
Technical Writer
Cyberscience Corp (UK)

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