Oh, the memories this thread is dragging up!

1984... Fortran on a Univac 1100-80.  Luckily, my class was the first
year that DIDN'T have to use punch cards (thank heavens for small
favors!)  Of course, running that final exam program and having it crash
part way through (BUT IT WORKED THE LAST TIME I RAN IT!!!), and taking
three days to get it fixed... Ugh.  Don't miss that at all!

When I got to program in Pascal on an  IMB (AT or XT?) in 1988... wow,
that was really living it up!!!

A group I belonged to in college used to make up all the buttons (pins)
for events.  Some of them took old green bar paper and printed UNIVAC
SUCKS on it, and we took to wearing them around campus.  It's amazing
how popular that button was with the upperclassmen who'd all experienced
the pain of the mainframe.

cmartinek at zebra.com

And that's why I switched from a CS major to an STC major after that
first year :-)

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