Hi Bill,

I appreciate your comments, but I would rather keep my primary application 
(FrameMaker), even if I had to run it on a "foreign" operating system like 
Windows XP. The ability to run FrameMaker on the Mac via Windows may be a 
compromise, but it has to be better than switching applications or 
platforms. In my opinion, the ultimate will be if Apple "unbundles" OS X 
from Apple hardware. I think that OSX would make huge gains in market share 
overnight. And I think that the increased popularity of OS X would cause 
Apple's hardware sales to increase as well.

Rick Quatro
Carmen Publishing

At this stage I wouldn't even speculate on what motivates Steve Jobs, or 
what he's fanatical about. And that may have changed since his close brush 
with the mortality (pancreatic cancer). One detects a change in his outlook.

I don't know that we Mac users are fanatics. I switched from windows a 
little over a decade ago. I still have Windows machines in the labs here. I 
like what I'm using now (the Mac) and I have no interest in switching back 
to Windows. And some of my colleagues switch to the Mac every year, so we 
are a growing group. On campus there is a very large population of Mac users 
and the numbers are climbing all the time. But as concerns FrameMaker, I'll 
change documentation strategies before I change platforms, though I'll miss 
FrameMaker. I'm a bit of a nut about typography, so LaTeX will probably end 
up being good for me. It's not fanaticism. It's just preference in a 
platform to work on day in and day out. OS X provides a really nice work 
space whether I want to make a movie with some Apple software, or write a 
shell script in UNIX, or compile some C code for a PIC. It's just a great 
platform. It's not perfect. I've got my gripes with some things OS X and 
some things Apple, but on the whole I think it's about as good as it gets 
out there for usability and power on the desktop.

- web

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