At 20:28 -0700 6/4/06, Pat Christenson wrote:

>Very mixed feelings here. As I understand it, you have to boot into either OS 
>X or Windows which makes it more cumbersome than Classic. But Classic isn't an 
>option on the new computers so once again, it's like it or lump it for Mac 

Yes, Boot Camp is dual boot. A dual-boot Mac is no use to me, because I need to 
use a lot of other software *at the same time* as FrameMaker, cross-referencing 
Excel, mail and so on. One could do this most easily by networking a real PC to 
the Mac, and running FrameMaker on that.

I was at IPEX on Wednesday, the big 4-yearly UK show for the printing and 
publishing industries, and talked to the people on the Apple stand. Their 
general view was that Apple had done it because there were a lot of Windows 
users who wanted to run XP on Apple's 'real cool, superior hardware' [I am 
quoting here]. I hope this doesn't turn out to be hubris. My concern is that 
with Apple MacIntels being able to run XP, what is the incentive for Adobe to 
go on producing *any Mac applications at all*?

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