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Thanks for a good link. And, you are right (or are you left?) ;-)


On 4/6/06, John Smart <jsmart at> wrote:
> We spend a lot of time removing English jargon for airline safety.
> A big airline in Japan wrote - "we see the Intentionally Left Bank
> but there
> is no Intentionally Right Blank page".  Bodvar Bjorgvinsson is
> never assume
> foreigners can understand jargon.
> The English sign outside the Wal*Mart in Beijing today (April 2006)
> reads, "Flesh Juice", so
> never assume we can read foreign English.
> For Framers interested in an enlightened message about the benefits
> simplification
> go to  and play last movie
> Remember on your next flight you are sitting on a few million pages of
> ASD-STE100
> Simplified Technical English, a lot prepared in structured XML FM.
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