One of the Mac lists (MacFixIt or one of those) noted that if you 
format the Windows side with FAT32, you can see both partitions from 
both OSs, but the newer default XP format exceeds the limitations of 
FAT32, so most users don't bother fighting the default.

So, you'd have to use a memory stick or email attachment or external 
storage of some kind to transfer files, plus, quit and restart OSs.

There's a Mac third-party program, MacDrive, I think it's called, 
that makes Mac-formatted drives visible on Windows. I don't know if 
it will work with MacTel under Windows. Search Google for it, and ask 
the manufacturer.

Under Virtual PC on Mac, you can work across the OSs, but it's slower.



Peter Gold
KnowHow ProServices

At 8:49 AM -0700 4/7/06, Gillian Flato wrote:
>A colleague posed this question to me about running Apple's Boot Camp
>>>What I would like to know is if you prepared a graphic in, say, OSX
>Photoshop, and you wanted to import it into Windows FrameMaker, would
>the OSes cooperate? Could you save the file across the partition?
>Or would you have to copy the graphic file to a memory stick in order
>for the competing OS to recognize it?

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