I'm repeating a post I made yesterday, but this will obviate the procedures 
listed below.

This is preferable to a dual boot scenario.

- web

At 11:28 AM -0500 4/7/06, Peter Gold wrote:
>One of the Mac lists (MacFixIt or one of those) noted that if you format the 
>Windows side with FAT32, you can see both partitions from both OSs, but the 
>newer default XP format exceeds the limitations of FAT32, so most users don't 
>bother fighting the default.
>So, you'd have to use a memory stick or email attachment or external storage 
>of some kind to transfer files, plus, quit and restart OSs.
>There's a Mac third-party program, MacDrive, I think it's called, that makes 
>Mac-formatted drives visible on Windows. I don't know if it will work with 
>MacTel under Windows. Search Google for it, and ask the manufacturer.
>Under Virtual PC on Mac, you can work across the OSs, but it's slower.
>Peter Gold
>KnowHow ProServices
>At 8:49 AM -0700 4/7/06, Gillian Flato wrote:
>>A colleague posed this question to me about running Apple's Boot Camp
>>>>What I would like to know is if you prepared a graphic in, say, OSX
>>Photoshop, and you wanted to import it into Windows FrameMaker, would
>>the OSes cooperate? Could you save the file across the partition?
>>Or would you have to copy the graphic file to a memory stick in order
>>for the competing OS to recognize it?
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