I have a problem that is making me crazy. There are a few
seemingly-random table heading cells whose text does not show up in the

*       In most cases I cloned the tables, so nothing (much) is
different between them, except that one of the table heading cells does
not show up in one of these. For all of these the actual cell text is
the same in both the good and bad tables. 
*       I have tried restarting the computer and regenerating the PDF,
but that does not help. 
*       I tried changing the tags, but that doesn't make any difference.
I made sure they are the same as in the cells that show and that does
not help. 
*       I tried using the text editing tool in Acrobat, but the text I
type in is invisible. 
*       Some headings are straddled, some are not. It doesn't matter
some of each are invisible. 

What is going on here? 


Jim Light

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