Thanks Doug

I did create a book file and import all the text insets in to change the
paragraph style.

The problem I am having is the main book files that contain the text insets
is not auto updating the text insets. So when I open a file that contains a
text inset it is still showing the old fonts size until I double click on
it and tell the text inset to update. I have 9 manuals that use these text
insets so I have many files to open, search for each text inset and then
double click on the text inset to update.


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You changed the font size of a particular paragraph style, right?
What you *could* do is create a book file that contains all of the
text insets, then import the new paragraph format into all of the
files in this new book.  To be precise you could take a document with
the correct font size and delete all paragraph formats EXCEPT the
format in question.  Then when you import the paragraph formats from
this modified document, you'll be importing just one paragraph format
into the text insets.


On 5/15/06, Deborah A Bruggeman <Deborah_A_Bruggeman at> wrote:
> Good Morning
> I am working in a 500 page document that has roughly 200 text insets in
> We have changed the font size on all the text insets. When we open the
> chapters the text insets are not auto updated even though they are set to
> Updating of Imported Flow: Automatic
> (Embedded image moved to file: pic30257.jpg)
> Does anyone know of a way updating all of the text insets without having
> search for each one and manually update them?
> We have also tried Updating References through the book and it also is
> working.
> (Embedded image moved to file: pic02206.jpg)
> Thank you in advance for your time.
> Deb
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