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> I have a prospective client who is considering moving from Ventura to
> FrameMaker. Their documentation contains text and tables, is broken up
> by chapters, and does not have any graphics. Before proceding with the
> project, she would like to know if there are advantages of moving to
> FrameMaker, or if it would better for them just to stick with Ventura.

Ventura Publisher was a feature-rich product long before FM was bought from
Frame by Adobe, but after several years on nondevelopment by Xerox (after
purchasing VP from Ventura Software), the market share was easily taken over
by FM. Corel bought VP and resumed development, but now there has been no
release in the past 3.5 years. (You can still buy Corel Ventura 10, but you
can't get a demo or eval copy.) So it looks like a repeat of the Xerox
situation. I don't know anyone who still uses VP. Too bad; it used to be a
great product.

Btw, I have a copy of Xerox VP 3.0 still in the shrink-wrapped box. Maybe
someday it will be worth something. :)

John Wilcox, Technical Writer
Zetron, Redmond

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