On 4/11/06, John Wilcox <JWilcox at zetron.com> wrote:
> Ventura Publisher was a feature-rich product long before FM was bought from
> Frame by Adobe, but after several years on nondevelopment by Xerox (after
> purchasing VP from Ventura Software), the market share was easily taken over
> by FM. Corel bought VP and resumed development, but now there has been no
> release in the past 3.5 years. (You can still buy Corel Ventura 10, but you
> can't get a demo or eval copy.) So it looks like a repeat of the Xerox
> situation. I don't know anyone who still uses VP. Too bad; it used to be a
> great product.

... which pretty much sums up the huge downside with property
software. After you buy it you are at their mercy. :-(


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