Here's my problem:

Our company is not ready to invest in any sort of content management
system. We are a small startup and we don't have the budget of larger,
older companies. Yet we have a lot of text insets and graphics and stuff
that are begging for a way to catalog and manage. Is there some cheap
(free) CMS-like solution that will help get us started and then scale up
(or facilitate a transfer) later?

We already have SQL Server and Oracle in-house, so solutions that build
on those might work. We are too small for a solution that requires a lot
of additional IT support, so something us writers could set up and
administer would be helpful. We are not programmers, so roll-your-own
solutions requiring us to write scripts or programs won't work.

We have SharePoint, which might be better than nothing, but it seems to
change the name of the Frame file when it opens it and it copies each
file to a separate temporary directory when it opens it. So basically it
creates a total mess of a Frame book. I didn't even bother to see if it
could keep a bunch of customizable metadata.

Presumably, someone else has had this challenge...

Any thoughts?


Jim Light

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