Look at MIF2Go, from omsys. In addition to supporting multiple help
formats, it also
provides a nice .rtf filter and other bells & whistles. I've found it
easier to work with and
less buggy than webworks, but it isn't for everyone.

Also... if you were just thinking of converting the files to an online
media without editing or reformatting them for online help, I'd go to
.pdf before I'd go to any help format because it supports your
existing book model better.


On 4/11/06, Donna Bodner <donna at cu.net> wrote:
> Hello.  I work in Framemaker version 7.1, soon to upgrade to 7.2.  I am 
> toying with the idea of creating online help for some applications that are 
> currently documented in Framemaker as unstructured files. This documentation 
> is complex, and on average the Frame files vary anywhere from 50 to 800 KB 
> (over 4,000 files for just one version). I am wondering what applications 
> other Frame documenters use to create online help?  Also, were  additional 
> employee resources needed in order to handle the task of online help in 
> addition to the normal documentation work load?
> Thank you!
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