I also use WebWorks. Creating online help from FrameMaker
source is a bit more complex than just running the source
files through a WebWorks template. It involves some amount
of planning and organizing your source files, choosing a help
format you want to produce, and creating a WebWorks conversion
template. At that point it really is a matter of running the conversion
and reviewing the generated help.

Many people on this list and on the HATT list 
can help you with the planning parts. If you choose WebWorks, the
people on the WebWorks list (http://groups.yahoo.com/group/wwp-users)
will also be able to help.

As I said, though, the planning is the most important part.
Knowing what you want to accomplish before you start will
make the whole process work much more smoothly.


At 02:01 PM 4/11/2006, Gillian Flato wrote:
>I use WebWorks Publisher Pro. Then I have to run my WebWorks file
>through Microsoft Help to compile it.
>WWp works with the Frame code, it single sources it, so no additional
>people needed, just an extra day to convert it to help.

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