Hi, guys...I've landed at EMC. I'm here since yesterday and I have my
first question.

Using FM7.2 unstrutured and creating PDFs...When I set, from the
Book, File -> File Info, are the settings applied to all the files in
the book or only the file that is highlighted in the book?

IF the changes are done at the file level instead of the book level
(which I suspect), and then I run Distiller, where is it picking up
the properties that it places in the PDF? Is it from the first file
in the book? The last file? From wherever it chooses?

Related question...how do I replicate the values to all the files in
the book so they are consistent? I'm guesing Document Properties, but
the problems with is is that it brings with it setting changes that I
don't want. How can I isolate the replication to just the File Info

Thanks, guys.

John Posada
Senior Technical Writer 

John Posada
Senior Technical Writer

"So long and thanks for all the fish."

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