Try selecting all the files in the book (or the ones you want to
affect with the edit), as well as the book file itself.


On 4/13/06, John Posada <jposada01 at> wrote:
> Hi, guys...I've landed at EMC. I'm here since yesterday and I have my
> first question.
> Using FM7.2 unstrutured and creating PDFs...When I set, from the
> Book, File -> File Info, are the settings applied to all the files in
> the book or only the file that is highlighted in the book?
> IF the changes are done at the file level instead of the book level
> (which I suspect), and then I run Distiller, where is it picking up
> the properties that it places in the PDF? Is it from the first file
> in the book? The last file? From wherever it chooses?

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