At 3:58 PM -0700 4/13/06, Pat Christenson wrote:
>The NY Times had an article today about Parallels Workstation, a 
>beta software that allows you to run OS X and Windows (any version, 
>not just XP) simultaneously on an intel-powered Mac. You don't have 
>to reboot when you switch. You can copy/paste between systems. You 
>have to "network" them to share files. The free download is 
>available at
>This sounds like the most acceptable solution for the "I don't wanna 
>buy a PC just to run FrameMaker" folks (of which I am one, although 
>I already have both a Mac and a PC).
>Pat Christenson

Boot Camp enables you to run Windows XP natively. The beta copy 
already has the native drivers. There is no speed degradation. It is 
not emulation.

Parallels seems to be virtulization, but not emulation. It is a true 
beta and does not yet have all the drivers needed.

The caveat is that you need an Intel Mac to run these programs.

Scott Turner

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