Hi John...

You can export the files to MIF and process them with Perl or some
scripting or regex application.

You might check out BookVars, which is specifically designed to manage
variables at the book level .. add, delete, rename, change (new "replace"
functionality coming out soon).



Scott Prentice
Leximation, Inc.

> Is there a way (other than FrameScript and similar tools) to rename a
> variable throughout a book?
> I want to rename the user variable BoldProduct to B-BoldProduct so I can
> get to it quickly from Ctrl-0.
> It looks like once the variable is in use (hundreds of places throughout a
> doc set), the only way to change it is one at a time, in which case the
> change would use up more time than I would ever save by implementing it!
> I appreciate any clues.
> John Sgammato
> Principal Technical Writer
> Imprivata, Inc.

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