So far I am *very* happy with it, too. 
I am headed into the crucible now, so I'll be able to give it a real
test...I hope it works under the pressure!

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I am very happy with BookVars. When I go to create a new folder for a
book/part of a book, the first thing I do is create the book file. The
*second* thing I do is create the BookVars file.


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I thank the kind folks who replied to my request. 
I guess I was not quite clear about what I am trying to accomplish. 
I succeeded in changing the variable name, but the problem comes in
replicating the change across about 50 chapters in four books. I can
copy the newly-renamed variable into the chapter, but all the existing
variables still have their old names. I am anxious about the
copy-and-paste method for the reasons Rebecca mentioned. My example was
a formatted variable, but I actually use many variables, some formatted
and some not. 

Because I use so many variables, I am looking into Leximation's Bookvars
today. It looks like just the tool I need!

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