At 05:35 AM 4/21/2006, Yves Barbion wrote:
>Hello Framers, I'm trying to convert some FrameMaker files to InDesign via 
>XML. Pretty good results so far, except that I get a carriage return at 
>the end of each line when I place the XML in InDesign. Is it Frame or 
>InDesign that's inserting these carriage returns and, more importantly, 
>how can I avoid this?

   I can't tell you anything about how InDesign treats line breaks. You ca 
always remove the line breaks with XSLT.
   If your FM files are structured, you can control the line breaking 
behavior with r/w rules. Without a preserve line break rule, FM treats line 
breaks within text like spaces. When you save a structured document to XML, 
FM attempts to keep lines shorter than 80 characters. You can change the 
length with the rule:

    writer line break is n characters;

   If you specify a large enough value of n, this rule can effectively 
prevent line breaks within a text range.


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