Yves Barbion wrote:
> Hello Framers,
> I'm trying to convert some FrameMaker files to InDesign via XML. Pretty good
> results so far, except that I get a carriage return at the end of each line
> when I place the XML in InDesign. Is it Frame or InDesign that's inserting
> these carriage returns and, more importantly, how can I avoid this?

Hi Yves

InDesign XML import is sensitive to carriage-return types. To the best 
of my recollection, it imports fine with Mac carriage-returns but 
doesn't like PC/Unix ones. Or it may just be that each version likes the 
carriage-return convention associated with the platform it lives on.

Like Mark Poston, we found the InDesign XML import fairly rubbish and 
resorted to converting from XML to InDesign tags, which worked well and 

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