I also get that error sometimes. When I click OK, it deletes the page, 
but every time I update the book it comes back. It's probably due to a 
conflict with something defined on a master page. If anyone one has a 
solution, I'm be very greatful. This is a real nuisance, and Frame is 
supposed to be stable :)


Ranvijay Chandel wrote:
> Hi All,
> I am having problem in deleting empty pages from each chapter.
> Whenever I delete a large chunk of data from a chapter, the empty pages
> that are left behind don't get deleted.
> I have set the pagination settings for the book as following:
> 1) 1st Page Side = Read from File
> 2) Before Saving & Printing = Make Page Count Even (because I want to
> have an empty page after each chapter)
> But this setting works for some chapters (i.e empty pages get deleted)
> but for some chapters it does not work instead it shows a pop window
> asking the following question:
> "The new column layout in csr.fm seems to overlap other objects on
> some body pages.
> Are you sure you want to do this?
> Number of body pages affected:7. First page:38"
> If I click on OK nothing happens (i.e empty pages don't get deleted)
> I tried to solve this problem by writing a script also which works like
> this:
> I will add a text as "Lastpage" on the whenever we finish writing a
> chapter.. Then, we will find that text and loop through the pages after that
> page and delete those empty pages.
> For example,
> My chapter has 10 pages
> I have a text "Lastpage" inserted in page 7
> Pages 9-10 should get automatically deleted from the chapter (Page 8
> remains).
> If the text "Lastpage"  is in page 8, pages 9-10 should get
> automatically deleted from the chapter
> I have written the following script in trying to fix this:
> Set CurrentDoc = ActiveDoc;
> New StringList NewVar(bPageNos);
> New Integer NewVar(currPageNo);
> New Integer NewVar(lastPageNo);
> Loop ForEach(BodyPage) In(CurrentDoc) LoopVar(oPage)
>   //Loop thru all the body pages in a chapter and store their page numbers
> in the stringlist
>      Add Member(oPage.pagenum) To(bPageNos);
>      set lastPageNo = bPageNos.count;
>      write lastPageNo;
> EndLoop
> New String NewVar(bpBodyPage);
> //Find the text "Lastpage that I inserted on the page at which the chapter
> finishes
> Find FromTextLoc String('Lastpage') ReturnRange(trange) ReturnStatus
> (stat);
>    If stat = true
> //get the page number where it finds the text "Lastpage"
>         set currPageNo = CurrentPage.pagenum;
>         Write currPageNo;
>         write lastPageNo;
> //Loop from the page where it found the text "Lastpage" till the last page
> in the chapter
>      Loop While(i <= lastPageNo) LoopVar(i) Init(currPageNo+1) Incr(1)
>                   write lastPageNo;
> //Get the body page for each page that we loop thru and delete that page
>         Get Object Type(BodyPage) Name(oPage) DocObject(CurrentDoc)
>         NewVar(lPage);
>         write lPage;
>         Delete Object(lPage);
>         endloop
>    endif
> But I am getting the following error:
> "OBJ(NULL)" error
> on the following line of the code: Get Object Type(BodyPage) Name(oPage)
> DocObject(CurrentDoc)
> Please suggest a workaround to this solution.
> Ranvijay Chandel
> Information Developer
> Yantra Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
> Bangalore (India)
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