Hi, Ranvijay:

Delete empty pages requires these properties on the pages to be deleted:

* No custom master pages are used, only standard Left and Right.

* No content of any kind in the text flow on the body page, not even 
a carriage return.

* The settings are applied to the files in the book window.

* Because Book window settings supercede file-level settings, except 
when Read from File is set, when you choose Read from File, the 
file's settings must be correct for the results you want. You may 
need to experiment to see which is less confusing to define and 
maintain- a combination of read from file and book-level settings, or 
only settings from the book window.

>I am having problem in deleting empty pages from each chapter.
>Whenever I delete a large chunk of data from a chapter, the empty pages
>that are left behind don't get deleted.
>I have set the pagination settings for the book as following:
>1) 1st Page Side = Read from File
>2) Before Saving & Printing = Make Page Count Even (because I want to
>have an empty page after each chapter)
>But this setting works for some chapters (i.e empty pages get deleted)
>but for some chapters it does not work instead it shows a pop window
>asking the following question:
>"The new column layout in csr.fm seems to overlap other objects on
>some body pages.
>Are you sure you want to do this?
>Number of body pages affected:7. First page:38"

This error seems to indicate that some other activity is occurring 
during the book updating process, such as invoking Apply Master 
Pages, or perhaps it's a result of your script's activity.

If you observe the requirements, you shouldn't need a script.

For more views, suggestions, and opinions, search FM's online help 
for delete empty pages, and also search Google, the Adobe forum 
search (see the link at the top of this page) and the Adobe 
knowledgebase (also see the link above.)



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