A few flaws in this "vision"...

One, RoboHelp for FrameMaker was discontinued long ago and even though
the source code is now in Adobe's hands, they have a significant chunk
of it to either fix or toss and rewrite. RHFM was clunky, a resource
hog, slow as molasses, and buggy, and had very little chance of truly
getting off the ground.

I'd say Adobe is heading in the wrong direction if they are seriously
considering a FM+RH solution for tech writers. They should be focusing
on XML processing and conversion and not bother with UI tweaking
baloney. Well, that's my opinion, anyway.

So was this an Adobe announcement or some odd speculation by The
Content Wrangler? Did the Content Wrangler actually have supporting
info on this? I didn't see much real meaty content there on his site
at all. Given that, I'll treat this as bunk until I see some real

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