Total and utter speculation by "The Content Wrangler"
without any announcements, leaks (credible or otherwise),
or other evidence to back it up ... 

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> Subject: Re: A Technical Writing Suite From Adobe?
> A few flaws in this "vision"...
> One, RoboHelp for FrameMaker was discontinued long ago and 
> even though the source code is now in Adobe's hands, they 
> have a significant chunk of it to either fix or toss and 
> rewrite. RHFM was clunky, a resource hog, slow as molasses, 
> and buggy, and had very little chance of truly getting off the ground.
> I'd say Adobe is heading in the wrong direction if they are 
> seriously considering a FM+RH solution for tech writers. They 
> should be focusing on XML processing and conversion and not 
> bother with UI tweaking baloney. Well, that's my opinion, anyway.
> So was this an Adobe announcement or some odd speculation by 
> The Content Wrangler? Did the Content Wrangler actually have 
> supporting info on this? I didn't see much real meaty content 
> there on his site at all. Given that, I'll treat this as bunk 
> until I see some real info.
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