Well, you can keep the 2-part page number from breaking in the
middle by using a non-breaking hyphen as the separator character.
The entry would still break across lines, but at least the break would
be more logical. 

And you might also decrease the space between the entry text 
and the page number; in your little example it seems kind of excessive 
(although I know the example is not realistic...) so you're more likely
to get breaking lines.

Or you could go to a 2-column layout for the index rather than a 
3-column layout. Unless the font is pretty small, 3-column indexes 
often look cramped to me.

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I have a three-column index with three entry levels. (I cannot use only 
two levels - I have gone over this with an indexing guru - sigh!)
The first level is not indented, the second level is only slightly 
indented beneath the first and the third level is slightly indented 
beneath the second - pretty standard stuff. Based on the indentations, 
however, sometimes, a page number for the second level and third levels 
breaks across a line:

Level 1   1-1
         Level 2    2-
                Level 3   3-

Ok, my editor does not like this and I really don't either, but short of

manually adjusting this everytime I generate an Index, is there a 
plug-in/what else can I do to make this happen automatically (something 
like TOCBreaker is ringing a bell, but. . .) and unfortunately, the
to change the template is not one - it's an in-house/approved template
I just can't go willy-nilly changing it.



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