Rick and Sarah and Fred, 

Thanks! I made the hyphen a nonbreaking one (had to get the search term 
right though in Framemaker to figure out how - nonbreaking, not 
non-breaking! :-) And yep, Fred, as per comment,

And you might also decrease the space between the entry text 
and the page number; in your little example it seems kind of excessive 
(although I know the example is not realistic...) so you're more likely
to get breaking lines.

it was not realistic, Just wanted to make sure that I visually got my 
point across in an email - sometimes, unless you exaggerate spaces in an 
email, they're not the obvious.

Thanks again - just implemented the change and it works like a charm.


Tammy Van Boening
Senior Technical Writer
Jeppesen Sanderson, Inc.
tammy.vanboening at jeppesen.com

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