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>> Good post, Dan. However, I'm trying to visualize
>> statement, "...clicking on this button produced a
>> menu of links to major subject areas..." The
>> button part I understand, the menu of links I'm
>> struggling with. A popup menu? If so, could you tell
>> me how you achieve the menu of links functionality?
>You asked how a popup menu is created in FrameMaker.
>Here?s the procedure:

 Popups in FrameMaker are a treat. I made a little book for myself once (it had 
all sorts of stuff in it related to work, an address book, and a ton of other 
stuff) and I used it in printed form daily, but it had popups and hyperlink 
buttons for navigation in the software version. It was a great way to get 
around the book. I've used them in a few other places too, sometimes with an 
"invisible" button, so there was nothing in the printed version. Always loved 
that feature.

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