On 27 Apr 2006, at 03:18, Peter Gold wrote:
> I'm not sure if you'd find it by digging in Wikipedia, but to put your 
> point in context, it helps to know that in the early days of unix and 
> FrameMaker, as with the early days of CP/M, each hardware manufacturer 
> had a proprietary version of the OS, which required software to be 
> written, converted, adapted, or "ported" to run on it. To sell these 
> adamantly-independent hardware platforms, their manufacturers like 
> Pyramid, Sequent, CGI, NeXT, and others PAID BIG BUCKS to companies 
> like Frame Technology, Sybase, and others whose software they wanted 
> to offer to attract customers. NeXT even bundled FrameMaker 3.x with 
> its machines.

I don't remember FrameMaker being bundled with NeXT boxes. Was it a 
trial version? We bought all of our licenses (could have been a site 
license). Should I call tech support?

I remember the word processor Write Now was bundled.

FWIW, Paul

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