Hi, Richard

Combs, Richard wrote:
> David Levy wrote: 
>> I'm at the point where, if a client wants the work done in 
>> Word, I build it in FM, PDF it, and then use an OCR program 
>> to convert it to Word.  The results are better than FM's 
>> "Save as" feature. 
> <shudder /> OCR??? The PDF contains *real words*, not an *image* of the
> words! Why on earth would you want to treat it as an image? 

Hmmm ... I would be surprised if he is using a true "image" OCR
program. I suspect a mis-speak! :)

While I have no reason to transfer from FrameMaker to Word, I do use
a program from Nuance (formerly Scansoft) called "PDF Converter 3"
to bring in standard PDF files into Word. This works directly on the
PDF file, not an image.

And, PDF Converter 3 does provide pretty darn good results for this
conversion process.


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