David Levy wrote: 

> I'm at the point where, if a client wants the work done in 
> Word, I build it in FM, PDF it, and then use an OCR program 
> to convert it to Word.  The results are better than FM's 
> "Save as" feature. 

<shudder /> OCR??? The PDF contains *real words*, not an *image* of the
words! Why on earth would you want to treat it as an image? 

> Close my eyes, send it on, and I've never heard back from a client. 

No proofing? You do realize that OCR isn't perfect, don't you? 

> Anyone have other suggestions for getting from FM to Word?

By far the best method is Mif2Go
(http://www.omsys.com/dcl/mif2go_main.htm). Acrobat's Save As RTF is OK,
too. For that matter FM's Save As should work better than OCR, assuming
you have an appropriate Word template that uses styles with the same
names as the FM formats. 

Heck, I'd rather save the whole thing as plain text, dump it into a Word
doc, and retag it than use OCR. 

<shudder /> 


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