It's probably a carry over from an older set of tags or imported text
from another file.

If you're sure it's not affecting any tags, just turn off Remember
Missing Font Names
in Preferences, open the file and save again. That should clear it.
Occasionally, you'll
need to safe as a MIF, open that as a text file, and
search-and-replace, but that's
normally not needed.


On 4/28/06, Christiane Crety (CC) <CC at> wrote:
> Hi,
> I am using "Save as pdf" for an FM 7.2 book.
> I am wondering why each time I save as pdf the FrameMaker Console says:
> "The "Times" Font is not available."Times New Roman" will be used in
> this session."
> As far as I know I am not using Times in my FM book. Where could this be
> coming from? I have used "Find Character Format" to search for the font,
> but have not found it. I have also used the Find function in Master
> pages and Reference pages with no success.
> This is not a showstopper, of cause, but just a small annoyance.
> Anybody have any idea where this could come from?

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