Okay, so while I was breathlessly awaiting a brilliant response that
would solve all of my troubles, I went back to banging my head against
the brick wall I keep at my desk for just these circumstances. I SWEAR I
made no changes to the Distiller settings. Just re-printed to PS (AGAIN)
and re-distilled the PS files (AGAIN) and now it's fine.

Just one of those things that has to happen when you're under pressure?
Is Windows really that smart?

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Okay, this is a new one (at least for me...)

I had a deadline to submit a draft last Wednesday, which was my last day
before vacation. Wednesday afternoon, I finished the draft, created a
PDF, and sent it off for review. Today is my first day back in the
office, and I have revisions to make that HAVE to be done TODAY. I've
made all the changes in the FM (7.2 for Windows) files and created the
PDF to send off for final approval. 

Except that I can't send it off for approval because the page size is
0.5 x 0.67 inches!! (The page size should be 8.5 X 11.) This did not
change in the source files, and I didn't make any changes to my
distiller settings or to my printer driver instance. I even tested other
Distiller settings, and they all do the same thing. The Print dialog box
in FrameMaker says Scale to 100%, same as always.

Where else should I be looking to see what's wrong? I'm claiming I
didn't make any changes to the printer/distiller settings, but I *was*
showing a co-worker a few things in there, so something may have been
inadvertently changed. BUT I can't see what's different from before...



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