Rather than post two responses, I'll just toss a couple of thoughts in
regarding the two index-related questions asked on the list.

First, for the phantom index entries...

I've seen this sort of thing happen when Index marker content is
malformed. One example occurs when additional sorting (the [ ] blocks) in
Index markers aren't placed at the end of the entries. Additional content
after the [ ] block creates a spurious entry that appears at the beginning
of the index. Check for this if you're using customized sorting.

Second, for the master index...

Check the documentation for Index Tools Professional. There's a full
description of the process to create and generate a master index. The
issues regarding numbering, pagination, and PDF generation are all
covered. Index Tools Pro also has a utility to help with the index
creation. It's important that this be done carefully, or everything in
your source files will renumber, which you don't want. You can also get
into situations where you're hounded with "inconsistent numbering"
messages for many files in each of your Frame books. You want to avoid
those problems if possible.

You can get this documentation from:



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